You and I are both blessed in sooooooo many ways.  Every time I really get present to it, amazing things happen.  Today, what I am really present to is all of the incredibley smart and talented people in my network.  As I was going through my morning emails - I realized that I have the Best of the Best in business talking to me, emailing me, sending me fabulous stuff and willing to provide whatever I want, when ever I want.

How freakin' cool is that!  I mean, how many people can say that?

Today I am sending you something that a good friend and Excellent Coach, Robin Elliott wrote.  It reminds me of how "Not Present" we are most of the time to the Centers of Influence around us.  I hope you enjoy reading it and please feel free to subscribe to his newsletter if it is of interest.  I love the tidbits that I get from him and I will continue to pass them on to you.


Mastering the Art of Mutual Exchange


Mastering the Art of Mutual Exchange

Have you ever tried washing one hand? Hence, "one hand washes the other".

Walk around with one eye closed and see how limited your world gets.

Ever been on a seesaw (teeter-totter) alone? You tend to stay on the ground.

Have you noticed you have to put wood on the fire if you want to continue to benefit from the heat?
All this seems like common sense until one meets the average entrepreneur who is, in reality, simply a self-employed salesperson. A large proportion of the owners of small and medium-sized businesses do not understand the awesome power of Joint Ventures and reciprocity, yet they will see their profits soar when they do.
One of the most successful businesswomen I ever met, Reeva Foreman, told me, "Robin, there are only two kinds of people in this world: Givers and Takers. The Givers didn't become Givers when they got to the top - they got to the top by being Givers." Takers simply move from one victim to the next, raping and pillaging as they go, until they are too well known in their own city and they have to move farther afield to find more unsuspecting marks.
Smart entrepreneurs sow before they try to reap. Reaping without sowing is called theft. It's also called "government", Collectivism, Socialism, Statism. A one-sided partnership never lasts long. When you master the art of mutual exchange and collaboration, you become a "lightning rod" for success. People with a Joint Venture mindset see the doors of opportunity swing open as they turn up the heat on their prosperity thermostats. They become Money Magnets and start attracting all manner of deals, wealth and likeminded winners.
Focus on helping other people to solve their problems and make sure the service providers pay you generously, or do not refer them. Become a good listener because nobody is interested in you except your mother, your dog, and your parole officer. Listen for the pain and then provide solutions and relief. As Zig said, "You can get anything you want out of life, if you're prepared to help enough other people to get what they want". Ask yourself this question: "How can I help millions of people become happier and more successful? How can I relieve their pain and make their lives easier, and get paid for it?" Focus on providing solutions for others and the money will take care of itself.
Do not work for nothing. Do not refer business without compensation of some kind. Do not reward non-productive people and leeches. Do not expect to be rewarded just because you have a need. Nobody owes you anything. You are only entitled to money that you earn. Work with like-minded people, set high standards, and insist on reciprocity. The mutual exchange of value through Joint Ventures is the easiest, fastest, most enjoyable way to wealth.
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Robin Elliott

Now for the actions!

Did you think I would let you get away without committing to something?  Come on - you know me better than that.

Grab a piece of paper and take 5 minutes with me write right now.  Make a list of the 5 most incredible people you know that are not in YOUR business. Now - beside their names write what is really great about them.  Now spend 5 minutes brainstorming how you could contribute to them.  Try and come up with at least 2 actions for each person. Then, go to your schedule and schedule when you will take those actions.

When you contribute to others - you create a clearing for contribution around you.

Can't wait to hear about some of the things that happen in the week following these actions.  Please share with me!

You are amazing and Don't YOU Forget IT!

Your Coach,