We are almost 50% of the way through 2013 - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Human beings are faced with more data and overall busyness than ever before.  What can we do to make a difference for our unbelievably busy schedules?

At the end of 2012, at the "Great Expectations" Workshop, we created 2013 as the "YEAR OF UP - UNLEASHED PROSPERITY".  If you are going to end this year having taken yourself and your life to the next level, it is going to require 2 things.
  1. A powerful context - a big honking game worth playing for
  2. Sufficient, effective, efficient ACTIONS that are in alignment with your big game
So what is missing for you?  Is it #1? or #2? or both?

It is not too late to create your game and cause the results you want. BUT IT WILL TAKE SOME EFFORT!

You have 2 options:
  • Attend the "True Yourself Up Call" to get yourself back on track.  We will cover how to restore yourself back to your game and create the last 6 months of the year powerfully.  The call is free for all clients and customers of Radical Ideas.  Register Here
  • Schedule a Coaching Call to deal with whatever might be in the way of you doing what you need to do, when you need to do it, to cause the results you want.
I look forward to creating with you and getting helping you to "True Yourself Up".  After all - miracles have been caused in way less time than 6 months.

GET IN COMMUNICATION!  Let me know what you need to have your life be extraordinary.