No one could have said it better....I bring you words of wisdom from the desk of the Master Coach, himself,Andrew Barber-Starkey...

"This weekend I participated in a great event called Speed Coaching that was organized by Shawn Bearman. We had a group of highly qualified coaches on hand. Small business owners who attended were able to have a 20 minute coaching session with several different coaches to gain a variety of perspectives. It was fun and had a huge impact on those who received the coaching.

I coached eight people who wanted to accelerate their business results. They were very nice people and clearly good at what they did. But I saw one quality in them that I believe was a huge obstacle preventing them from achieving their goals and it may be the same for you, too. 

The obstacle? They were being very ordinary. 

There is nothing wrong with being ordinary. By definition most people are. The problem - the results these people wanted and expected were not ordinary. They wanted extraordinary results but were being ordinary. I see the same in ProCoach. You would not be a member of ProCoach if you wanted ordinary results yet I see far too many of our members being very ordinary.

The problem is that people who are being ordinary do not achieve extraordinary results. Either you choose to be ordinary and come to grips with the fact that you are going to have ordinary results and live an ordinary life. Or you choose to be extraordinary and enjoy the fruits of your actions and behaviours. 

Here is the most important part. There is no such thing as an extraordinary person.Those who get extraordinary results are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. You can be extraordinary in any situation. It is a moment by moment phenomenon. Being extraordinary is all about who you choose to be and what you choose to do in a given situation.

This week I encourage you to observe yourself and notice where you are extraordinary; pat yourself on the back for that. More importantly, notice where you are being ordinary and ask yourself if those behaviours are helping you create the business and life you want.

Tape a sign to your mirror or send yourself an email with the question, "am I being ordinary or extraordinary in this situation?" Keep it in the front of your mind and make decisions that lead you to the life you really want!"

Take it on.  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Your Coach,