Thanks for your patience, Shawn.

Here is the information on the end of the year workshop I have been telling you about.  I have done everything I can set up everything so that each and every one of you can powerfully create the next year in a context that inspires, motivates and drives you into action.

Those of you outside of the Lower Mainland - we have a special offer for you.  The workshop will be streamed live via gotomeeting webinar.  Once you are registered simply confirm by email and you will receive the registration and login details for the webinar.  However to get the most out of it for you virtual people, you must have 2 of you registered together and viewing together so that you have someone to share with - and both of you must be registered!

2013 is just around the corner and have we got the GAME for you.

What if you could go into the New Year - clear on what you were out to cause in every area of life that mattered to you?

What if you were complete on 2012 and didn't have anything left unsaid about what you did or didn't do?
What if you had the opportunity to cause that for the other people in your life?
Join us for a jam packed day and get powerfully set up for 2013.
When:       Saturday, December 29th
                   9:30 - 5:30 pm pacific time
Location:    Burnaby (near the Gilmore Skytrain Station)
                               Limited Virtual Option for those that live outside the lower mainland
Cost:         Clients (Current and Past)               $39.95
                  Rapid Time Networks Members     $49.95
                  General Public                                   $59.95
Register Now - Seating Limited. - or you can click on the home page by going to:
Register Here