Since the beginning of the year - I have had many requests for more information on some of the distinctions created on our coaching calls.  Given that we are out to cause the YEAR OF ULTIMATE SUCCESS, I decided that I would start sending out some of the main distinctions that are being used very effectively in those moving forward with velocity.

Feel free to ask for more coaching on these items on your regular coaching calls.


2012 – The Year of Ultimate Success

Tip of the week – This week we explore the disempowering conversations we have around "Trust". Why is that important? Well as with any disempowering conversations, there are themes that run behind the scenes.  You might even think of it as a film set with your identity as the director telling your disempowering conversations where to stand and what lines to say.

“Trust” and our disempowering conversations around it – can have a huge impact on every aspect of our relationships and environments.  The concept of “distrust” (a disempowering conversation associated with a “trust” issue) comes into play when we are feeling mentally, physically or emotionally unsafe.

There are strategies that our identity uses to protect us from the experience of “distrust”.  These strategies have certain behaviours associated with them.  Take a look for yourself and see where you are “defending, resisting, blaming, complaining, judging, avoiding, withholding information and ideas, expecting the worst, or justifying protective actions based on distrust”.

Pick one Category area in life (Work, Relationships, Health & Well-Being or Home/physical environments) that you are going to explore this week.  Which of the behaviours listed above show up most often in that area?  What is the impact of that?  What could you be responsible for that you have not been responsible for up until now?

Ask for clarity on your coaching all this week if you assistance with this topic.