2012 – The Year of Ultimate Success

March 26 – Tip of the Week 

Let’s take another look at the assessments we as human beings have, combined together to form our opinions on whether or not someone is trustworthy: Sincerity, Reliability, Competence, and Care. 

The conversations we have with ourselves, about ourselves regarding these 4 distinctions are critical in having us move from disempowering to empowering with velocity.  Let’s take a look at the first one: Sincerity.  Charles Feltman defines “Sincerity” as: “the assessment that you are honest, that you say what you mean and mean what you say; you can be believed and taken seriously.  It also means when you express an opinion it is valid, useful, and is backed up by sound thinking and evidence.  Finally, it means that your actions will align with your words.” 

Of course, there are other ways that we can define this.  We might even say that being authentic, might even be more important to some of you than being sincere.  However, that being said, you still have your own internal assessment of yourself that runs under the surface regarding your own “sincerity”.  Let’s take a poll.  Using the definition above, rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.  How sincere do you rate yourself?  If you were a boss, employee or co-worker rating you, what rating would you give yourself? 

Now what are the actions that a “sincere” person would be taking in the important category areas of life?  Pick 3 actions that you can take this week.  Remember to keep track of all of your disempowering conversations.  You can only work on the stuff that is actually OUT of your head.